I highly recommend Valentin for tarot card readings. I have been receiving weekly tarot readings texted from him since 2022. I always look forward to the readings and they serve as a guidepost for my week to come. The text readings contain an image of a beautiful tarot card array and its interpretation written by Valentin.

 He describes the meaning of the cards in two to three ways so I can understand it fully at the time I read the text. His message is succinct yet thorough. If I have questions on the reading, he supplies as many replies as needed so we are both sure we know the area in my life the cards apply to. Some readings contain warnings of hard times ahead; Valentin is gentle with this news and interprets solutions from the cards or remembers readings from the past that can be useful to prepare me for what’s ahead.

To my surprise, it’s the readings that contain warnings that I appreciate the most, because they give me an anchor to calm my worries which frees my mind for other positive aspects of my life. His readings give me focus to work on my problems or the peace and resilience to let my problems simply pass through me as an accepted part of life.

I’ve had the pleasure of a few in-person readings with Valentin which is a more full experience, complete with music, frankincense and heightened interaction.

In-person readings allow for more conversation about each card and there are usually more cards aspected compared to texted readings. I often have a question or a problem to solve at in-person readings and the advice received from the cards have constantly steered me to the correct course. I asked the cards how to get my in-laws to make a big lifestyle change for their safety and my husband and I were able to get them to complete the major change within ten days of the reading with no hard feelings or resistance!! Amazing!

 Valentin’s readings serve me both as routine spiritual maintenance and as an intervening helpful force to help me get what I want in life! His tarot services would be helpful in many situations to navigate life’s joys and challenges. Valentin is an empathetic, knowledgable, fun spiritual guide and you’ll want to keep coming back for more! 


Austin, TX

Valentin has been reading for me for over a year. Every reading is unique and filled with wisdom for the week ahead. While I wish all the readings were filled with rainbows and unicorns, many of them have touched on painful areas of my life that needed addressing.

These readings were especially insightful  and illuminating, and prompted me to work on theses areas with insight and compassion.


Austin, TX

I had my first tarot reading and it was quite amazing. It was at a local market. I was a little hesitant because I just didn’t know what to expect. The reading was very spot on and reassuring. It  was exactly what I needed to calm some anxieties I had been dealing with.

 Valentin with Fiestagnome was very helpful. I was not sure what to even ask or how to start.

He made me feel very comfortable and provided extra care and guidance the whole time. The experience was great! I have continued to get readings from Valentin, and each time I am presented with kindness, care and wisdom. I now recommend readings to pretty much everyone I know! Thankful to have met Valentin! 


Austin, TX

Valentin has been pulling cards for me for about a year. To be honest, in the beginning, I was a bit skeptical. But when I understood his ability to exclude his own consciousness and become a true messenger, I started to see all this from a different angle.

It’s impressive how Valentin’s readings are at the same time very broad and very specific. And it’s absolutely amazing how I see myself in them, my personal concerns, and how his readings shine a light on the things that I have to work on. He isn’t there to tell you what to do, but rather to help you find your own self, your true desire, and become the best version of yourself.

One proof of his ability is that sometimes, when it’s a busy week, it takes me a few days before I view his reading from Monday. Then, I realize afterwards how accurate it was. His readings have helped me a lot to understand myself and my issues. It also empowered me, as Valentin didn’t find the answers for me, but showed me how to get to them.


Hong Kong